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It should come as no surprise that trying to manually find similar websites can be exhausting and time consuming. From going through random forum posts with related website recommendations to entering keywords into browser search bars, you might not even end up finding what you are looking for. We want to protect you from the hassle involved by saving your time and energy. Related Sites offers a simple and effective solution that leverages the power of technology to help you find your desired results.

Managing functionality has never been this easy!

Related Sites puts the user in control.

You can make adjustments to let the extension such that finding websites is incredibly easy.

  • Love shopping? Time to compare products and prices on related websites!
  • If you’re an avid reader looking to research a particular topic, then the Related Sites plugin will help you explore and consume similar content.
  • Expected to do intense research? Find websites to expose yourself to related information to inform your perspective.

The possibilities with Related Sites are endless. It is up to you how you want to use it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we value your privacy and anonymity to a great extent. The details of your Related Sites use will not be shared by other parties or used against you in any way. We are only look to optimize your experience with us.

First, you will need to navigate to the website that meets your criteria. The Related Sites tool will use this as algorithm input to look for similar websites. Next, activate the extension using your browser and sit back as Related Sites does all the work for you!

Download this extension from the website:

You get to save time, energy, and effort. Our results are unparalleled. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and try Related Sites tool for yourself.

Yes! We are incredibly particular about maintaining data integrity and privacy. At no point in time will you ever feel that your data is being shared with others.

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